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Mobile Screen replacement

If you've accidentally dropped your mobile and the screen is damaged, cracked or scratched, don't worry. Our GoFix team can replace your damaged screen with a genuine part, fully restoring it to its original excellent condition.
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Battery Replacement

If your mobile phone battery is draining quickly, it may be time to consider getting it replaced. At GoFix service center, we offer professional battery replacement services to ensure your device stays powered on all day without any interruptions. Don't wait until your battery completely dies, let us help you replace it and get your phone back to its optimal performance.

Water Damage

If your device accidentally gets submerged in water, don't hesitate to contact GoFix service center immediately. Our highly skilled technicians have the necessary tools and expertise to repair water-damaged devices and restore them to working condition.
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Charging Problem

If you're having issues with your mobile not charging properly, GoFix service center can help diagnose and fix the problem for you. Our technicians are trained to handle a range of charging port issues, from simple fixes like cleaning or unblocking the port to more complex software and hardware repairs. We'll make sure your mobile is fully charged and ready for use.

Sound Issues

Sound related problems are the most common annoyance in mobile phones. GoFix mobile repair experts can quickly and accurately diagnose and fix sound-related problems in your device. They have the expertise to make your mobile sound as clear as it was before the damage occurred.
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At GoFix service center, we not only offer repair services but also refurbish old smartphones. Our refurbishing process involves inspecting and repairing the products, and replacing old parts with genuine, higher-grade ones. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of a new phone without spending a lot of money on a brand new one.

iPhone Repair and data recovery

At GoFix, we offer iPhone repair services by experienced specialists who can accurately diagnose and fix any issues with your device. Our staff is well-trained to handle various iPhone models and can provide recovery services to retrieve lost data. We understand the value of your iPhone, and our goal is to restore it to its pre-damaged condition.
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Laptop Service

Our doorstep laptop repair service comes with no diagnostic charges and covers a wide range of issues including screen, motherboard, internet, wifi, keyboard, hinge repair, and even dead laptops. Trust us for the best laptop repair experience.
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